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Latest Rug Cleaning Technology in Sydney

Love Your Rug specializes in offering professional area rug cleaning services to residents of Ontario, Canada. We dust, clean and dry area rugs using highly efficient and effective rug cleaning technologies

Increase The Life of Your Rug

A Quality rug will last for many years but during that extended period it may need more maintenance than just spot cleaning and stain removal.  

For newer products we know first-hand from a manufacturer and custom maker point of view which treatment is best for each modern kind of rug.

Your rugs may look clean after vacuuming but over years, rugs can accumulate fine debris which can work its way into the foundation threads reducing the lifespan of the rug.

Assessing Damage

Old stains need special treatment and we are experts. Before we commence thorough hand cleaning we check for old stains, and colour fastness.  

We inspect the state of past repairs or previous restoration work. We assess current damage including to sides and fringes and provide advice.

From experience we are alert to small problems that we know can lead to further damage during cleaning if not stabilised beforehand.

We check for colour fastness, stains, the state of past repairs or previous restoration work and any current damage before we start thorough hand cleaning.

Traditional Hand Cleaning

All our cleaning and repair is done by hand. We do not use any mechanical cleaning machines with the exception of careful hand performed water extraction.  

We know which delicate rugs may need special gentle care.

Hand knotted rugs were designed in times gone by to be able to be cleaned by hand. No cleaning machines existed. They are portable flexible and dry quickly unlike fitted carpets or more rigid synthetic rugs made with glues.

Domestic and even commercial vacuum cleaners cannot remove all of the dust and foreign material from fine hand made rugs in the way our traditional hand cleaning can.

Mending and Rug Repairing

Our weavers understand the various methods of rug construction and knotting in order to be able to match and mend invisibly. 

For newer style rugs and runners we know first-hand, from a manufacturer and custom making point of view, which methods are best for repairing or cleaning each modern kind of handmade rug.

We know how to care for all kinds of rugs including valuable antique rugs.

Sarabi’s hold supplies of wool and thread for repair and restoration and can match any colour for repair or restoration foundation or pile.

We know the various methods of weaving and knotting and can match and mend invisibly.

Rug Cleaning leaves Your Home Cleaner and Healthier

Domestic and even commercial vacuum cleaners cannot remove all of the dust and foreign material from fine hand made rugs in the way our traditional hand cleaning can. 

Rug cleaning leaves your home cleaner and healthier with the added benefit of the life span of the rug or carpet being increased.

Indeed one of the huge health advantages of natural fibre relocatable handmade rugs over fitted carpets is being able to lift them and wash them thoroughly.

Obtain advice before any kind of cleaning begins

In order to draw on the specialist knowledge at Sarabis Fine Rugs it is highly recommended that you obtain our professional advice before any kind of cleaning or repair begins.  

Call now to seek advice quickly if damage or spills occur. We are available for advice on the phone to reduce risk of further harm.

You can have peace of mind knowing your rugs are in the hands of expert cleaners who will give them the respect they deserve.

Specialty Rug Cleaning

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Stain Prevention Formula

Sarabis keep a reliable Spot Cleaner and Stain Prevention Formula in our Rug Showroom. We encourage rug owners to keep this product on hand so as to be prepared, just as you would do for your favourite clothing. Customers making a new purchase over $500 total will receive a free bottle as well as care instructions specific to their new rug.

Please call for advice as soon as possible

It is important to seek reliable advice quickly in the case of potential stains caused by food, wine, pets or chemicals. Impulsive use of water or random domestic cleaning agents can set stains or cause colours to bleed or fade.