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  • You can blot up spills and light soiling before they become stains.  However, red wine, coffee, tea, or cola are more difficult to remove, and you may need to visit us. You can also vacuum most surface dusts out of your rug if you do it on a regular basis. It’s advisable to take your rug to a professional rug cleaners like us if it has significant stains, soiling from ingrained dirt or dusts, water damage, pet pee, or foul odours.
  • Rugs have various elements as the materials, weave, knotting, dyes used to make them, which is quite different in comparison to carpets. While carpet cleaners can get your rugs to look clean, entrenched dust will remain, so it will only be clean on the surface and will not stay clean for long. Carpet cleaners do not dust the rugs before washing, and just put detergent and extract it which result in clean on the surface but not deep clean.
  • All our rug washing, and stain removal is done by hand without the use of any machineries or heavy-duty chemicals because we understand that using them is reducing the life of your rug. The only machine we use is for hand performed water extraction. We wash each rug three times to get it deep cleaned.
  • We have professionals that can repair most damages to your rugs, like frayed edges, tears, wholes, repair if your pets have chewed the edges of it, overlocking, adding and removing fringes. We need to physically assess the damage first through photos or physically to provide feedback on how well we can repair and restore your rug. We also do provide the service of rug overdying to give your rugs a new colour.
  • The cost to wash or repair any rug depends on the various factors such as, the quality of the rug, the material used to make them, if its machine made, hand-knotted, woven, the stains it has on it, what sort of repair it needs. Hence, we can only give you the exact cost once we assess the rug physically or by photos.
  • Your rugs may look clean after vacuuming but over years, rugs can accumulate dust which can work its way into the foundation threads reducing the lifespan of the rug. Hence, we recommend having your rug washed by professional in every 3 years if it’s in a high traffic area and medium traffic area every 5-7 years, in case of bedroom rugs every 7-10 years to increase its life and keep it looking new.